As the first point of contact between your vehicle and the road surface, your car’s tyres are an integral part of your driving experience. It is vital, therefore, that they are regularly checked – and replaced whenever they begin to show signs of wear and tear.

As tyres become worn, they increasingly lose their ability to grip the road, meaning that the vehicle is apt to skid uncontrollably, and safe stopping distances are compromised too. If the tread depth is diminished, tyres become unable to disperse water from wet surfaces, leading to loss of traction and aquaplaning.

Just as bad, a threadbare tyre is more likely to suffer a puncture, which can result in your car swerving dangerously.

If worn tyres lead to an accident, even a minor one, you could find yourself culpable. Your insurance could be invalidated, leading to potentially expensive repair bills, not just for your car but for those of other parties.

Happily, at Forest Gate, we provide cost-effect tyre servicing and replacement. By taking advantage of our exclusive internet offers, you can save money and enjoy extra benefits too

For example, we offer free puncture repairs, and free wheel-balancing with every tyre purchased. Furthermore, we can match any genuine quote provided by another dealer.

If your tyres are showing signs of wear and tear, please don’t delay, get in contact with us today.