Vehicle servicing at Forest Gate

At Forest Gate, we aim to maintain a relationship with all of our customers, long after a Ford or Vauxhall vehicle has been purchased from us. In fact, we like to think that this is just the start of our association, because we do so much more than just sell great cars.

Your latest motoring asset won’t look after itself; which is where we can help. We offer a wide range of servicing and repair options, each designed to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

For one thing, after three years of ownership, you are required by law to submit your car for annual MOT testing. An MOT certificate provides your vehicle with a clean bill of health for the following 12 months. It also ensures that is safe for driver and co-passengers – and other road users.

Regular servicing is vital in order to maintain your car’s roadworthiness. Ultimately, it saves you money in the long run if underlying issues are identified sooner rather than later, and dealt with, thus preventing you from receiving an unexpected repair bill.

Our servicing options cater for everything from brakes, acceleration and clutch to engine overhauls and extensive air-conditioning maintenance.

We can take care of niggling issues too, such as scratches to your vehicle’s paintwork or minor yet annoying dents to the body.

Unsurprisingly, tyre wear and tear takes its toll, reducing their effectiveness and creating a potential hazard in the process. Windscreens and headlight casings are susceptible as well, to fractures or outright breakages, for example.

It is also a fact of motoring life that accidents can occur, even if through no fault of your own. In which case, we are here to help by taking the stress out of the situation and ensuring that your car is back on the road in no time at all.