Tyre Servicing

If your car’s tyres are not up to the required minimum safety standard, you will no longer have optimal control over your vehicle.

Worn tyres can have many negative side effects. For example, they will be unable to grip the road surface effectively, resulting in longer stopping distances. A minimum-standard tyre-tread depth can easily disperse surplus water from the road’s surface. However, if that depth is eroded, the tyre’s effectiveness is diminished, leading to loss of traction and the possibility of aquaplaning.

Frayed tyres are also more easily susceptible to being punctured, potentially causing a blow-out that can result in your vehicle swerving uncontrollably.

Even if your tyres are in good order, incorrect pressure, whether too great or too little, can cause issues, such as overheating.

At Forest Gate Ford, we offer inexpensive tyre servicing that will provide you with motoring peace of mind. We will also match any genuine quote provided by another dealer.

If you are at all uncertain about the state of your vehicle’s tyres, please don’t delay; get in touch with us as soon as you can. Our expert technicians will be able to quickly assess their condition for you and recommend a course of action.

You can book a service any time you wish by completing our online contact form. Alternatively, please feel free to phone or visit us, any day of the week.