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Ford Service allows you to relax knowing we are by your side

  • You receive Free UK & European Roadside Assistance for every Ford serviced with us this includes Home start, Vehicle relay, Recovery including caravans and trailers, Alternative transport, Replacement vehicle or overnight accommodation if your car can't be repaired on the spot
  • Our Ford trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and tools
  • We carry out a Free FORD eCHECK which provides a thorough visual inspection of your car, including its wheels and tyres, bodywork, wiper blades, oil and filter, brakes and hubs, steering and suspension, so you know if anything needs attention:
    • Red items need urgent attention
    • Amber items need to be watch closely, but could save you time and money if they are dealt with before they deteriorate further
    • Green items are all clear
    • Receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, including the use of quality Ford parts where necessary
    • FREE 30-point visual inspection by Ford trained technicians* Detailed electronic report provides explanation of any findings* Simple red, amber & green traffic light system shows any recommended repairs or replacement
  • Ford Accident Management, service free to all drivers
  • Use of quality Ford parts for added peace of mind
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance plans
  • Independent quality checks are carried out by the RAC on any service and repair work

What is FordPass?

  • FordPass™ offers a one-stop mobility marketplace with a range of solutions that will help you move more easily — from vehicle controls on properly equipped vehicles, to smart parking reservations. The key is to enhance the driving, traveling, and parking experience.

What does the FordPass app have?

  • My vehicles - This stores all Member's vehicle information, keeps track of past and up-coming services, gathers important maintenance and recall alerts.
  • Vehicle Controls - Allows members to control their car; features include: start, lock, unlock, and recognizing the vehicle's location and vital signs (only available for select Ford vehicles).
  • Guides - Members can call or live chat with a Guide, or browse Ford's knowledge base for answers and tutorials.
  • My Dealer - Members can find and contact dealerships and save preferred dealer information to make their next service visit simple.
  • Park - Members can search available parking options before getting on the road.
  • My Wallet - Members can pay for transactions easily with FordPay, this allows you to store your credit or debit card details and instantly pay for parking. it's simple and secure.
  • Ford Credit - Allows members to stay on top of their vehicle's financing. You can make a payment, schedule future payments and review account history.
  • Ford OneCall - One Call gives you easy access to all of the Ford Services 24/7, Ford Roadside Assistance, Ford Accident Management, Ford One Call 0203 564 4444

To download the FordPass app on the app store

To see terms and conditions on FordPass

Hassle Free Visits At Forest Gate

We know that being without your vehicle for any amount of time can be a big inconvenience to your day to day life. We fully understand this and to ensure your service visit causes as little disruption as possible we have the following available to help make it that little bit easier

Collection and Delivery

Your vehicle will be collected from a place convenient to you, then once service, it will be delivered back to you meaning no waiting around and minimal disruption to your day.

(Subject to a 15 mile radius)

Courtesy Car

One of our new vehicles can be yours to use as a courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is being serviced. Simply drop your car into us and take the keys to one of our courtesy vehicles for the duration of your service.**

While You Wait
If you would rather wait with your vehicle and get straight back on the road after your service you can relax with a free drink,magazine and access to free wifi in our service waiting area until your service is complete.

3 Months Interest Free Payment

We offer a flexible and competitive payment plan so the expense of your service or repair can be split over 3 months. Of course, you are still welcome to pay in full if you wish to do so.

**Subject to driving licence check, 18-21 year olds will need to use own insurance, 22 years plus can opt to use Forest Gate's insurance (£1000 excess applies). Max 6 points on licence, Not applicable for DR convictions.


Why Should you choose Ford Motorcraft......... because Ford Motorcraft goes that extra mile to ensure your Ford continues to be loved long after other garages have stopped caring. We at Forest Gate never stop caring about your Ford

What Ford Motorcraft Covers

  • Servicing & General maintenance
  • MOT's
  • Repairs e.g. Brakes, Wiper Blades, Batteries, Shock Absorbers and Many more
  • Replacement tyres

To Receive these fantastic offers please quote *Ford Motorcraft* when booking your vehicle in with us

**All published prices are recommended retails prices and include parts, Labour and VAT. Rs models and LPG derivatives are excluded.

Please click here to see our Ford Motorcraft Offers

Tips on How to Stay Safe During A Breakdown


Firstly, remember that the hard shoulder is only for emergencies, not for making calls, having a stretch or toilet stops.

If it's an emergency and you can’t get off the motorway, pull on to the hard shoulder.

Make sure you stop as far to the left as you can, with the wheels turned to the left.

Put your hazard lights on. If it’s dark or foggy, keep your sidelights on too.

You and any passengers should get out of the vehicle using the doors on the left-hand side and move up the bank or stand behind the barrier.

Leave animals in the car.

Wear a reflective jacket if you have one, but don’t put a warning triangle on the hard shoulder.

Don’t attempt even a simple repair. Call your breakdown company asap.

If you don't have a mobile, walk to an emergency phone on your side of the carriageway; follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder – the phone is free and connects directly to the police.

If you feel at risk from another person, return to your vehicle by a left-hand door and lock all doors; leave your vehicle again as soon as you feel this danger has passed.

If you have a disability which prevents you from following the above advice, keep your seatbelt on, switch on your hazard warning lights and use a mobile phone, if you have one, to call us or the emergency services.

If you can’t get to the hard shoulder, stay in your vehicle unless you can be absolutely sure it's safe to leave it. Put your hazard lights on, keep your seatbelt on and call the emergency services.


If you break down on a smart motorway where the hard shoulder has been converted into a traffic lane, follow these steps:

Use an emergency refuge area (ERA), motorway service area or leave at the next junction.

If this isn’t possible, try and get the vehicle off the carriageway.

If you have to stop in a traffic lane, turn on your hazard lights as soon as possible.

If you’re in the left-hand lane, and it’s safe to do so, get out of the vehicle on the left-hand (passenger) side and wait behind the barrier.

Call your breakdown company asap

If you can’t get out, or you’re in another lane and it isn’t safe to leave the vehicle, stay in the car with your seatbelt on and dial 999.

If you stop in an ERA, you must use the SOS phone to contact the Regional Control Centre when you stop, and before you leave.


Move your vehicle off the road if you can, but watch out for soft verges that could make it tricky to get going again.

Put your hazard lights on; if it’s dark or foggy, keep your sidelights on too.

It’s usually safer to wait well away from your vehicle and moving traffic, behind a suitable barrier if you can.

If you get out, take care and use the doors facing away from passing traffic.

Wear a reflective jacket if you have one.

If you have one, and it’s safe to do so, put a warning triangle at least 45m (50 yards) behind your vehicle.

Don't stand between your vehicle and oncoming traffic.

If you need our help, call your breakdown cover asap


Build up speed on the hard shoulder first and watch for a safe gap in the traffic.

Ford Service offers you 12 months free roadside assistance.

Ford OneCall gives you piece of mind and 24/7 access to all of the ford onecall services

Ford accident management helps you when you have had an accident as we know it can be a daunting experience

Ford E check is a 30 point visual inspection